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General House Rules & Policies

Dear Guests,

We strive to provide a great experience to our guests that leads to years of happy, repeat customers booking directly with us at Honey Bear Cabins. Please review our rules and policies and let us know if you have any questions before you arrive. We look forward to your visit, whether it’s your first time or tenth time!  

Guests who are respectful and reasonable in their expectations of a small business are a good fit for us.  This means to care for the home, respecting our house rules, adherence to our policies, and in the rare event of any issues allowing us time to correct any problems.

Check-in Time:

Guests are to arrive between 4:00 p.m. and 10 p.m. If a guest is arriving after 10 p.m. we need to be informed ahead of time so we can watch for your call or text if needed.  We may allow early check-in upon request if the property is available.  Early check-in (if permitted and arranged in advance) shall have a $50 fee.  Please do not arrive at the property before the check-in time unless arranged in advance and fees are paid upfront.

Check-out Time:

The check-out time is 11:00 am. We have a strict cleaning schedule and lingering hold-over guests could cause the cleaners to miss the unit cleaning, which could be problematic for later same day check-ins. Late check-outs will be charged a $50/hour fee. If the cleaners need to come back due to late checking out guests, we will need to charge an additional $100 trip fee.


All adult guests in the party must provide a valid driver’s license upon making a reservation, along with their full name and current address. Guests will need to register with us and agree to our house rules within 48 hours of making their bookings. This helps us provide a high-quality personalized experience to our guests, as well as avoid security problems.

Security Deposit:

A refundable security deposit is due for each booking. This will be returned upon checkout or a few days later after, provided no damages/theft are found at the property. If we need to replace anything that was damaged or comes up missing at the home a security deposit deduction may be made. Other deductions can include those for smoking, damaged or stained or soiled bedding or furnishings, or moving of furnishings. Our trusted property manager/cleaner will be the final authority in such situations.   If no damages are found the security deposit hold will be released automatically, within 7 days of your checkout.

Registered Guests, Invitees, and Visitors:

No invitees or visitors other than those specified on the reservation and paid for in advance are allowed on the property at any time. Undeclared guests brought to the property will incur a $250/night charge on the reservation per incident, in addition to the original cost of the reservation. Unauthorized visitors above the number declared at the time of booking shall be subject to a $1000 fine.  Our insurance only covers guests who are registered and provided IDs, so please plan accordingly.

Children 2 and older count as additional guests, so please declare the proper number of guests so we can prepare for your visit and charge you accordingly. We reserve the right to run background checks on all guests and refuse service to anyone we cannot verify.  Completed registration forms are due within 48 hours of your booking, else booking is subject to cancellation without refunds.


We have a strict NO party policy in our properties. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not rent our home if you plan to have large groups over or any extra guests, even temporarily. We may use cameras and other technology to ensure the safety and security of our house. Any unauthorized parties shall be subject to a $1500 fine.


Each of our cabins has a certain number of cars allowed in the parking areas/garages.   Please follow the guidelines found in the house rules of the property you have rented.


Please refrain from playing any loud music or sounds that could cause a disturbance to the neighborhood.  Any incidents of this could have you immediately removed from the home with NO refund. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.  


The home is professionally cleaned prior to your arrival and we attempt to catch every detail. Shoes must not be worn on the carpet to the extent possible. If something needs attention upon check-in please notify us as soon as possible and we will address the issue. Please keep in mind we are a small business doing the best we can, and that cleaning is a process done by fallible humans. Although we have a stellar cleaning crew they are happy to come back if they missed anything.  Feel free to leave them a tip if you’re happy! Guests do not need to strip beds prior to leaving, however, dishes and pots/pans must be cleaned.


We have a strict no smoking policy inside the home (not even out the window). Smoking must be outside of the home or on the back patio. If any signs of smoking or any smell are detected, an automatic $250 deduction will be made from the security deposit. If the heavy smoke smell is present the guest will be presented a bill of $500 to $1000 to remedy the situation, at a minimum. The property shall have the final say in any smoking-related incidents.

Pets/Service Animals:

We love pets, however in a rental property we do not allow them due to allergies and dander and potential pet hair issues. Service animals are excepted provided they are trained to perform specific tasks for the owner who may be disabled and carry proper documentation. If you are bringing a service animal you will be required to upload a picture of the animal during the registration process with us. Emotional support animals are not service animals and thus are not permitted. If unauthorized animals are found guests will be asked to leave and no refunds issued, plus a minimum charge of $350 will be charged to you per animal. If you need to discuss bringing a pet or service animal, please ask us before making your reservation. Thank you..

Care of Plumbing on Septic System:

This home is run on a septic system and ground well water. Therefore, it is extremely important to not flush anything but a modest amount of toilet paper down the toilet. The well water system is prone to filtration issues, especially during periods of high rain and resulting high water table, thus we request that guests space out showers during their stay to the extent possible. No grease should be put down the kitchen sink without it being dissolved in soap. Please avoid cooking greasy food or deep frying things. If guests are found to have misused the plumbing system they will be held liable for damages.

Drugs/Excess Alcohol:

We do not allow illicit drugs of any sort on the property. Please do not bring them to the home or you may be asked to leave without any refunds. Excess alcohol is also not permitted such that would cause issues at the home or to the home, such as guests being sick or leaving a mess for the cleaners. If such incidents are noted the guest may forfeit their security deposit.

Heating Air Conditioning:

When guests are not home we request they turn off the air conditioning or heat to conserve energy and keep bills lower. Please do not set the AC below 74 and the heat above 70.

Furniture Care:

Please be mindful of furniture or accessories in the house. If you must move them, they need to be moved back before you check out. If beds are pulled away from the wall, bookshelves moved, tables, chairs, or other heavy items misplaced there will be a $10 to $35 per item fee to move them back. We expect guests to clean up any accidents or spills immediately so as not to cause stains, including on furnishing and rugs.


We reserve the right to post cameras outside the property and use any footage obtained to settle disputes and monitor the property. Guests agree that this camera footage may be obtained and used as needed for security purposes. No cameras shall be present inside the home. This footage shall be deleted regularly, assuming no dispute was filed in relation to the guest’s stay.

Owner’s Property

Please do not remove the owner’s personal property. If decor, towels, linens, etc. are found missing you will be charged the replacement fee plus an hourly labor rate of $50/hr to shop for and replace these items.

Items left behind:

Before leaving check for your personal belongings, please do not leave your personal effects behind. This includes books, magazines, casino chips, food, flyers, papers, mail, clothing, etc. If extra cleanup is needed guests may be charged. You can reach out to us for any items left behind. In such a case, we charge an hourly labor fee for finding and safekeeping of the item, plus postage, if necessary, for their return. If the item is readily seen by the cleaners we will set it aside for your pickup.

Our guests can use the edible stuff found over the kitchen countertops and fridge(s). Owners and managers of the cabin hold no responsibility for any event occurs as a result of using the edibles. This includes but is not limited to spices, milk, coffee, jam and other things


All trash should be put into garbage cans inside the house.  There is no need to take trash outside, just leave in the kitchen area.

Hot Tub Usage:

Guests should follow common-sense guidelines such as not staying in the tub for more than 30 minutes at a time, not using lotions or soap or creams that will damage the tub and no glass near the tub that could break and damage the tub or other guests. Guests will be held fully liable and responsible for any damages done to the hot tub. When finished using the tub, place the cover back on top and secure it down with the straps.   **Note that due to the sensitive nature of hot tubs we cannot guarantee that they will work at all times.  Please be aware that we do our best to keep them operational and functional, however they tend to break down and have leaks without warning.  We do not offer discounts or refunds for non-functional hot tubs.

Fire Pit & BBQ Grill Usage

Most of our properties offer a BBQ that may be used by guests, while some offer a Fire Pit outside. Please clean up the grill and fire pit area after your use.  Do not leave trash around, or an extra cleaning fee may be charged.

Unforseen Circumstances: Unit Switching (Moving)

Management reserves the right to move guests to a different rental unit in the area should there be an issue with the unit that was originally booked.  Moves are rare but can happen due to unit maintenance issues, for example.  We will attempt to put you in an equal or better cabin, subject to availability.  You agree that no refunds or credits will be granted in case this becomes necessary, except at the manager’s discretion.


Please review the house rules before you arrive to make sure you will be able to comply. This means respecting our home as well as our hospitality. We have been in business since 2011 and have learned a thing or two about the type of guests who are a good fit for our properties. Most guests appreciate the well-designed spaces and thoughtful touches, however, once in a while, we have guests who demand perfection and seek discounts or refunds for even the most minor of issues. That type of guest is not welcome at our homes and should seek alternate accommodations. We expect guests to be reasonable in their expectations and cooperate with us should there be any reasonable issues. We are not a hotel with 24-hour staff and should not be expected to act like one. We will, however, do everything in our power to make your stay a great one that makes you want to keep coming back and referring your friends and family!

Direct Bookings:

We encourage guests to book directly with us to save on fees!  We will be happy to book your next vacation.  Ask us for any specials or discounts we may be having for direct bookings of over 5 nights.

NOTE:  By making a booking and renting our home all guests agree to these house rules and our Rental Agreement.