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Tree Tops House Manual

Address & Directions:

We will send you the address and directions just prior to check-in. Be sure to fill out the registration form well in advance to avoid delays.

Lock Info:

The lock for the door is an Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock. You can enter the code in the keypad and press the lock button to unlock the door. For locking up, press the lock button on the keypad to engage the deadbolt to lock the door. Check that it locks behind you.

Wifi Password:

This is located in the living room on right side of fireplace. If the below doesn’t work, just check the sticker.

Network Name: TP-Link_FECO

Password: 33360942

You can scan the following QR code to do the same

Tree Tops Wifi


We have parking for 2 to 3 cars in front of the home. Feel free to park ordinary passenger vehicles (only).

Check-Out Procedure:

Our cleaning fee is based on a “courteous guest,” thus if this procedure is followed we will not need to charge anything extra:

  1. All dishes you used should be washed and cleaned. Please note that pots and pans should bee washed by hand, not in the dishwasher.
  2. Place all your trash in the garbage cans in the home. If it does not fit then please take out extra to the dumpsters.
  3. The Green Dumpster is placed on right side at the entrance of complex. If you have time we would appreciate you removing you trash on the way out.
  4. If you have time please start a load of towels in the washer. The cleaning staff will come and finish up the rest. There is no need for you to strip the beds. Place all dirty towels in the laundry room.
  5. Close and lock all doors and windows.
  6. Inform us if anything in the cabin needs attention or if the cleaning staff should be aware of anything before coming over.

Items we provide:

Towels, linens, bedding, toilet paper, soap, shampoo. In the kitchen, we have cookware, pots, pans, and dishes, silverware, grill tools. We do have a coffee maker, microwave and toaster for your convenience. Feel free to consume whatever is in the pantry or fridge. We may not have coffee on hand, so please plan to bring what you like.


You are in bear country so be very careful not to leave any trash on the decks or outside of the home that bears can rummage through. Kitchen and ordinary trash can be taken out and placed in the green dumpster that is on your right as you enter the complex. Do not place large pieces of trash or cardboard as this is a shared community dumpster. If your trash fits in the kitchen garbage can, feel free to leave it and the cleaners will take it out.


There are a washer and dryer inside the home downstairs. We permit washing of 2 loads per day. We provide a few pods of detergent complimentary.

Heating/Air Conditioning:

The thermostat on the lowest level controls the lower level (game room) and the first floor (kitchen/living). The thermostat for the upstairs bedrooms is on the top floor in the landing area. Please beware that the temperature shown on the thermostat may not be accurate.


You are welcome to use the BBQ. We do not provide provide propane for them however. You may bring your own propane tank to hook up or pay extra charges to get that before your check in. Please clean up BBQ after use so it is ready for the next guest.


The fireplace in the living room runs on a timer that is located just under the glass doors. Please note that this is a gas fireplace and as such the gas tank has a limited capacity.

Supply Closet:

If you are curious, we have a supply closet in the living area that is reserved for the cleaners. We keep extra sheets, towels, and paper/cleaning products in the supplies. Please do not open this closet. We need some private space in the home to service the home and guests. Thank you.

Bear Safety:

Do not leave any food or aromatic substances in your car or bears will break in and cause damage to your vehicle. Bears are common at night in the area, and they can be found sleeping under the home or walking around outside. Please play it safe. Please check here for more info: https://honeybearcabins.com/bear-safety/